The 5 Biggest Perks of Natural Light Photography

As a photographer, I work primarily outdoors or inside with tons of windows for natural light to enter. There are some challenges with that such as unpredictable weather, but there are many more perks.

1. Choosing your own location

Clients are able to be a little more comfortable and relaxed at a location they choose. It is a great

experience for me to find new locations and give the client an opportunity to have extra sentimental

value in choosing a location that has special meaning for them.

2. No light equipment to carry around and set up

For photo sessions, it's just me and my camera. No extra equipment gives me the ability to move

around more and set up photos that look natural.

3. Spontaneity

When I'm at a location, I love to just walk around and see what I find.-different textures, a cool prop,

interesting backgrounds. You never know what you'll find! It also gives the client an opportunity to

make suggestions-it's their moments being captured!

4. Flexibility

Natural light gives you some flexibility with shadows and backlighting. It allows you to be more

creative with the setting and the lighting and the way you position the subject.

5. The client is the focus

When you don't have to worry about extra equipment, you can truly focus on making the client feel

comfortable and have them be the center of the session.

Like I said, the perks outweigh the challenges! The proof is in the photo.

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