What is so great about 35mm film photography?

Film photography is what it is. You don't edit it, you don't change it. It's not instant gratification, either. You wait for it and that makes it even better.

When I took my first photography class, we strictly used only 35mm film cameras-no digital. We also used black and white film and it made us really learn about and understand lighting and composition. We couldn't just edit it after to make the lighting better or add color or remove a blemish-we had to understand how to use the settings on our cameras to control the lighting in the photo and understand different types of film and how it affects the photos.

You can't beat the anticipation of not knowing how a shot will turn out. How you see it through the lens isn't necessarily what the end product will be-sometimes it's better, sometimes it's just a black frame because your settings weren't correct. It's a continuous learning process.

While I don't work with film for my photo sessions (it's not cost efficient), I use it for fun, recreational shoots. It helps to go back to the roots of why I love photography and to challenge myself to not have the instant gratification of seeing a picture right after it's taken. I encourage everyone to pick up a 35mm film camera at some point and go take a roll of film. Utilize different environments and see how different each frame can be on the same roll of 35mm film.

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